Now with added touch controls for iOS devices. WARNING: Experimental, currently no support for saving/loading levels on iOS.

The interface is hopefully fairly straightforward:

New Level - Use this to wipe your current level and start a new one - WARNING! It will not ask you to confirm!

Load Level - Use this to upload a level you have previously saved.

Save Level - Use this to download a file containing your level so you can upload it later to keep working on it or to play it.

Test Level - Click this to change to test mode, so you can play your level.

Level Name - Here you can type a name for your level.

Created By - Give yourself some credit for your amazing creation!

Left / Right - These scroll the level so you can edit it. You can also scroll the level using the z and x keys.

Each level will need a PlayerSpawn block, an Exit block and Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Gems. The player has to collect the gems before they can exit the level. A timer counts up continually while playing the level, the idea is to complete the level in the shortest possible time.

To play the level after clicking Test Level you will need to click the screen once and then control the player using the arrow/cursor keys - left, right and up to jump.

Buzzsaws and spikes are harmful to the player, but just cause the player to be sent back to the original spawn point.

StatusIn development
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